Picture Gallery

            Animal Report Museum!

The 1st graders worked hard researching an animal of their choice. They put together a diorama and a poster to showcase what they learned. They had so much fun teaching others about their animal!

Field Trip Highlights from the Botanical Gardens!

Spring has sprung and the planting has begun!

World of Work Social Studies Unit!

The 1st graders learned about being producers,buyers, and sellers by making their own orange juice and selling it in their “store”!

Telling Time fun!

Students participated in the clock challenge. Each group was given cubes, numbers from 5-60 and 1-12 and a small red crayon and a blue colored pencil. They made a clock as a group and then practiced making the clock match a time the teacher called out! Fun with telling time in 1st grade!

Catholic Schools Week:

School Spirit Day!

Pajama Day!

Grandfriend’s Day!

My Hero/What I want to be when I grow up day!

Matching Day!

Our class had so much fun during our Bucket Filler Party! The class earned the party by showing our SLE’s ( Serve, Lead, Love, & Learn).

We started our research and informational writing unit by studying Penguins.

The 1st graders made their own surveys for our Data Collection Unit in Math. They made a tally chart and bar graph based off their survey they took of all their questions.

We had so much fun at our Moveathon! Thank you to everyone who donated to make it a success.

The 1st graders made parachutes as part of their Air Science Unit. They learned about air pressure!