Teaching Philosophy

In the hopes of making a difference in the lives of my students and their learning I stand firmly behind the idea that I will teach and treat my students with love, which manifests from my passion for teaching. I believe that each child, no matter what race, size, ability or disability, is gifted, talented and uniquely special and can achieve the same common goal of learning. I see learning not only as aiding children to retain basic facts and gain knowledge but to learn how to be a kind, responsible, and loving child of God. Through my teaching, I believe I can nurture and help my students grow. It is with full confidence that I know I can instill in them a passion and drive for learning and the eagerness to help their community and learn acceptance.

To be able to help each of my students reach their potential I believe in the devotion of time through individualized attention and sincere effort to support each child’s needs. I see the process of learning and teaching as a journey. While the student is immersed in a journey of new knowledge and growth, I am simultaneously on a journey alongside them as their teacher. I believe a key element of this journey is the environment in which the children are placed. I will strive to create a nurturing and accepting classroom environment which encourages thought and exploration. A positive and safe environment will allow my students to feel at ease and be excited to learn. I will also encourage the students to foster relationships with one another to contribute to our positive and loving classroom environment.

To effectively teach all ranges of needs that children have, I will serve my students who have special needs or whom have specific learning disabilities. I believe that no matter the ability of the child, they deserve to learn and be given attention and care from their teacher. My students with special needs deserve to be in the least restrictive environment and to be provided with the services that fulfill their needs to help them succeed in and outside of the classroom. I believe that reinforcement and praise is the first and highest priority when addressing a behavior. Punishment and physical constraint will not be used unless my student’s behavior is life threatening to themselves or others or could result in injury. This will build a relationship with them built upon trust, respect and understanding. I acknowledge the difficulties my students will be faced with both academically and behaviorally, in and outside the classroom. I am determined to make their learning experience as rewarding for them as possible.

Additionally, I believe that a key element in my teaching is building relationships not only with the students but with their parents. The parents are a gateway to not only communicating and sharing their child’s achievements and areas for improvement, but a window for getting to know my students better through the one’s whom know them best. This will help me create specific personal goals for each individual student and the whole class on a broader spectrum.

I will instill in my students the idea that I am committed to helping them and that they give me purpose in life. I will highlight and acknowledge each one of my student’s strengths and be empathetic to any adversity they are facing. I promise to do my best to uphold my teaching philosophy and beliefs as I strive for excellence in my teaching.