Here is a link to our classroom wish list:
Mrs. Arildson’s 1st Grade Wishlist

Goodwill/Garage Sale Hunters (things to look for)
– Play dough tools
– Magna-Tiles
– Books
popular 1st grade books:  Narwhal and Jelly series, Mo Willems books, Princess Black series, picture books, non-fiction books (animals and nature)
– small things to count
mini erasers, glass beads, small plastic animals, etc.
– craft supplies
cardstock, white copier paper to draw on, felt, paper plates, dot markers, stickers, pom poms, google eyes, pipe cleaners, washi tape, fabric scraps, etc.
– dice
D6, D8, D10, D20
– Bananagrams tiles
Dollar store snack containers
– plastic easter eggs
regular style/size (for a STEM activity)

Leave the shopping to Mrs. Arildson (useful gift cards for classroom things)
– Target
– Amazon
– Office Depot
– Goodwill
– American Science and Surplus
– Lakeshore Learning store