1st Grade Curriculum

First Grade Math Curriculum  

Volume 1

Ch. 1 Describe and Compare Numbers

Ch. 2 Develop Addition Concepts

Ch. 3 Develop Subtraction Concepts

Ch. 4 Organize and Use Data

Ch. 5 Develop Addition Strategies

Ch. 6 Develop Subtraction Strategies

Ch. 7 Measure Time

Ch. 8 Recognize Number Patterns

Volume 2

Ch. 9 Compare Measurements

Ch. 10 Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems

Ch. 11 Identify Coins

Ch. 12 Identify Geometric Figures

Ch. 13 Understand Place Value

Ch. 14 Describe Fractional Parts

Ch. 15 Solve Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction Problems

1st Grade Reading Curriculum 

-Short vowel sounds                                       – Sequence of events

– Use of context clues and illustrations      – Word endings (i.e. -s, -ing, -ed…) and digraphs (i.e. sh, th, ck…)

– Character, plot, setting, problem and solution of a story

– Main idea and supporting details                – Fantasy vs. Reality

– Reference sources and library skills          –  Summarizing

– Compound words                                            – Making predictions

– Drawing conclusions                                       – Long vowel sounds

– Cause and effect                                                – Making inferences

– Compare and contrast                                        – Contractions