Math Curriculum:  My Math

Addition Concepts
Subtraction Concepts
Addition Strategies to 20
Subtraction Strategies to 20
Place Value
Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction
Organize and Use Graphs
Measurement and Time
2D Shapes and Equal Shares
3D Shapes

Reading Curriculum:  into Reading

Foundational Skills of Reading

Writing Curriculum:  into Reading 

Building the Foundation of Writing
Personal Narrative
Opinion Writing
Informational Writing

Social Studies Curriculum:  Families Living and Working Together


Science Curriculum:  Building Blocks of Science

Sky Watchers
Light and Sound Waves
Exploring Organisms

Religion:  Blessed Are We:  Faith in Action
9am Weekly Mass (Wednesdays) with Father Tony Bawyn

Technology – Mondays, 11:25-12:10
with Mrs. Miller

PE – Tuesdays, 1:35-2:50
with Mr. Web

Music – Wednesdays, 2:10-2:55
with Mrs. McCarthy

Community Membership (SEL):  2nd Step
Thursdays, 1:20-2:05 with Mrs. Miller

Art – Fridays, 2:10-2:55
with Mrs. McCarthy