1st Grade Curriculum

First Grade Math Curriculum




1st Grade Reading Curriculum 

-Short vowel sounds                                       – Sequence of events

– Use of context clues and illustrations      – Word endings (i.e. – s, -ing, -ed…) and digraphs (i.e. sh, th, ck…)

– Character, plot, setting, problem and solution of a story

– Main idea and supporting details                – Fantasy vs. Reality

– Reference sources and library skills          –  Summarizing

– Compound words                                            – Making predictions

– Drawing conclusions                                       – Long vowel sounds

– Cause and effect                                                – Making inferences

– Compare and contrast                                        – Contractions

Writing Curriculum 

Unit 1: Building the Foundation of Writing

Unit 2: Personal Narrative

Unit 3: Opinion Writing

Unit 4: Informational Writing and Animal Reports

Social Studies Curriculum

Unit 1: Being a Responsible Citizen

Unit 2: Families long ago and today

Unit 3: Economics

Unit 4: Geography

Unit 5 (Mini Unit): Pilgrims and The Wampanoag