Fun in First Grade

Star of the Week

Each 1st grader will have the opportunity to be the Star of the Week.  Star students will bring home an All About Me poster to complete before their STAR week.  Return completed poster to school for discussion and display.  The Star student will enjoy special privileges ie getting to sit on the beanbag chair, being the prayer leader for the week, and taking care of Waddles, our class mascot.  At the end of the week, your child will bring home Waddles for the weekend.

Traveling Mascot

Waddles, our class mascot, is a small stuffed penguin.  Star students bring home Waddles over the weekend at the end of their Star week.  Waddles will come to your home in a clear backpack, with his traveling journal.  Please encourage your child to add a page to the journal, describing something fun Waddles enjoyed during his sleepover.  Waddles will need to return to school in his backpack, with his journal, the first day of following school week – school attendance is very important in 1st grade!

Fun Fridays

After a long week of hard work, we will enjoy a bit of fun on Friday afternoons!  Fun Friday is typically a selection of free choice activities and/or spending time with our 6th grade buddies.


In 1st grade, your child will be serenaded with a rousing 1st grade version of the Happy Birthday song, have a birthday photo taken, special classroom privileges throughout the day, assembling a goodie bag to bring home and within 1-2 school days, receive a book of birthday wishes created by classmates!

If your child’s birthday falls on a non-school day or during the summer, I will pick a day for their classroom celebration that is as close to their birthday as possible.

If you are going to send birthday party invitations to school to pass out,
please remember to invite all students in the classroom (or all of the boys/
girls). If you have another plan, please do not send invitations to school.
and remind your child not to discuss the party at school.