Fun in First Grade

Star of the Week

Each first grader will have the opportunity to be the Star of the Week. Star students will bring home an “All About Me” poster to complete before their special week. Please return the completed poster to school so it can be discussed and displayed.

The Star student will enjoy special privileges, such as sitting on the beanbag chair, being the prayer leader for the week, and taking care of Waddles, our class mascot. At the end of the week, your child will bring home Waddles for the weekend.

Traveling Mascot

Waddles, our class mascot, is a small stuffed penguin. Star students bring Waddles home for the weekend at the end of their Star week. Waddles will arrive in a clear backpack, along with his travel journal. Please encourage your child to add a page to the journal, describing something fun Waddles enjoyed during his stay. Waddles and his journal should return to school in his backpack on the first day of the following school week. Attendance is very important in first grade!


We celebrate birthdays as close to the actual date as possible. For summer birthdays, we celebrate on the half-birthday. During our celebration, your child will make a birthday crown during writing time, and their classmates will work on a birthday wishes book. This book may take 1-3 days to complete, especially if a classmate is absent.

On the day of the celebration, you may send in a treat to be shared during our 10-minute snack time. Due to the time limit, please send only a simple, two-bite treat. You are welcome to send birthday napkins, but please do not send drinks, candles, matches, party hats, or favors.

If you plan to send birthday party invitations to be distributed at school, please invite all students in the classroom (or all the boys/girls). If you have a different plan, do not send invitations to school and remind your child not to discuss the party at school.